Let's sit down over a good cup of coffee and discuss what your needs are. When you are comfortable with what we can offer then we can proceed. We can't do everything that comes our way, but we can only try to help on some. We work with a close group of Suppliers and Subcontractors that are from our area. Yes, we do also buy from the big box stores when it makes sense. Our number one goal is getting your project done the most economical way possible. Mind you we do need to make a profit to stay in business for the long term. If we can't become friends during this project then there is something wrong, Our schedule will continue to be added on to by customers that want something else done while we are there. Sometimes this is possible, other times we just schedule in the future.
 We try to give you the best product for the budget "you" want us to work with. We will make suggestions on options to help with design and budget. I will send you to suppliers that we have been dealing with that we know will work with all of us in the construction stages. Purchasing doesn't stop at their door step, it continues by working with us on material specs needed for a complete installation. And also down the road in case of a product failure that can be covered by warranty or just remedied. We are also in a business that relies on repeat customers, so service after the job is important to us.
 I have had some customers now for over 27 years alone in NH. And can have you talk with them. We have managed homes for customers while they are on vacation and for their routine maintenance. It's never a surprise to get a call that someone has locked themselves out and needs me to come by and open it up for them. I have even stopped by to water plants, and walked some dogs while people were out and away.
 I have now started to work with Realtors in helping with Home inspection Pricing. No we do not do home inspections, that is a specialized field. We do however offer to  qoute on the list that they come up with. For the needed repairs and alternatives that might save you and the seller money. The whole object is getting you into a house at the best Price.
If you like so far what you have seen please email me at
Thank you for stopping by to see what we are about. It will be nice to possibly help you out in the future.
Warmest Regards,
Wayne Rasch
Rochester, NH.